Get Literally Inside One Of The Most Intense Bike Races In The World

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The Tour de Suisse is one of the most grueling bicycle races in the world, and is widely seen as a big event in the lead up to the Tour de France. As such, it features sharp uphills, steep downhills, and tough riders who show no mercy for the weak. Here's what it's like to be right in the middle of it.

I knew already that I was too fat to ever be seen near a bike like one of the crazy carbon fiber wondermachines in a pro bike race, but now I also know that I definitely wouldn't want to be even close to the middle of a peloton. It's angry, it's gritty, and if you don't throw your weight around on that bike you'll end up chewing pavement.


Or worse. Like making everyone else chew pavement:

That looks worse than anything I have done on a bike, ever.