Get Facion! Pirelli Parties at the Guggenheim

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The girl who stole away our boyhood innocence was an aspiring actress with a penchant for the goth scene. She and her friends had a wry obsession with the French, and whenever anything was ridiculously fabulous, they'd say, "That's facion!" Which, of course, is totally made-up. But this bit from ForbesAutos about Pirelli's fete for the launch of The Pirelli Cal Backstage, 1964 - 2005 features mad celebage and modelage, including San Pedro resident Andy Jenkins' old pal Spike Jonze's muse John Malkovich. Plus, Jerry Flint! Facion!

Supermodels and Sex Appeal 101; Slide show [ForbesAutos]

Pirelli's 2006 Swimsuit (Optional) Calendar [Internal]


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