Get Excited About the 1986 Ford Taurus

I wish I could be half as enthusiastic about anything as this guy seems about the Ford Taurus. Ahem, excuse me. The Ford TAAAAURRRRRRRUS, I mean.

Don't get me wrong, the Ford Taurus was a perfectly acceptable car in its day, and it was even the 1986 Car of the Damn Year. It was a complete break from Ford's usual M.O. back then of enormous rear-wheel drive sedans and was one of the first American cars to even mildly care about aerodynamics. Even if today it is sort of an icon of 1980s frumpiness.


My main question though is why Ford wanted to drive a wedge in America (or is it North America, as they seem to argue for in this Canadian-specific version?). No, the wedge isn't between those who insist on pastel t-shirts and those who insist on mullets. In fact, I'm not even sure where the wedge is. All I know is that this is a TAAAURRRRRRRRRUS FOR US, which means it is not for Them.

And who are They?


Alright, so it's not exactly clear. Though the Singing Man is quite insistent that we've never seen anything like this before.


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