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Wow, talk about your not-so-boldly moving sales, eh? According to a tipster to the blog all about ze Auto Ford's latest boldly moving incentive plan includes the usually happy-for-sales Ford Mustang. But we're not just talking about your plain-old-V6-auto-tranny pony car. Nope, you'll be able to buy yourself a brand-spanking new Shelby GT500 on a 36-month financing plan for a mere three drachmas just the price of the car. That's right β€” 0% APR for the 2007 model β€” or at least as long as you take delivery before July 9th. Sounds to us like someone's trying to clear out a heap of '07's still in inventory. But whatever β€” what a deal!

2007 Mustang [Ford Direct via Autoblog]

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