Germany is one of the most car friendly nations in the world thanks to the Autobahn. That's what makes the car unfriendliness of the cities such a surprise. Like Hamburg, which wants to ban all cars.

In just 20 years, Hamburg wants to make cars and traffic jams in the city center totally obsolete. Banning cars is the simplest way to do that. Hamburg is Germany's second largest city, which means there are a lot of cars around there.

Instead, many of the major thoroughfares will be replaced with green spaces for outdoor activities. People will need to take public transit, bikes, or just walk to get around. As you'd expect, this is a controversial plan, but it is believed a majority of Hamburgians (Hamburgites? Hamburgers?) support the initiative.

As of now, it's still 20 years off. We'll see if it actually comes to fruition.

Photo Credit: AP Images