German TV Show Cobra 11 Crashed 4,500 Cars And Counting

Eighteen years, 260 episodes and 4,500 destroyed cars. That's what you need to know about German RTL's Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei in short.


While you might not be familiar with it, the Germans sold their explosive car carnage to 120 countries around the world. Hungary being one of them, I can tell you that while the show isn't very good, the stunts they pull are quite spectacular, not to mention the occasional car porn.

They also must have some sort of deal going on with BMW and Mercedes-Benz, because the amount of new models they crash as police cars would break any budget at a normal price.

Today is the premier of the first episode of the 24th season, and I you wanna guess what happens around the Autobahnpolizei of Cologne, check out this supercut:

No wonder it's getting more and more difficult to get good used cars from Germany...



Da fuq?!?!

4500/260 = 17.3 cars destroyed per episode!