German Strongman Holds On To Lamborghini For World Record Seven Seconds

This monstrous German broke a Murcielago by hanging on while the driver fries the clutch, then, above, he manages to hold back the ferocious power of a Diablo for seven seconds. Whoa!

According to our rusty German, this is a Guinness Book world record attempt where the giant strongman, cabled to the SUV behind him, must hold onto the car as long as possible, with the clock starting a minimum level of force is applied to the cable. Looks like a sketchy setup, might be a stunt, might be real, looks an awful lot like a big guy holding onto a cable as someone in a Lambo does a brake stand, but it still looks cool. Fast forward to the 7:30 mark if you don't like waiting around for the big event. (Thanks for the tip John)


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