German Motorway Closed By Flying Cash

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A German motorway was closed after wind blew $31,000 out of a motorist's convertible during a test drive. Police blocked the motorway in both directions for half-an-hour, helping the man collect his money.


The cash — 23,000 euros in 500, 200, and 100 bills — fluttered across the motorway in the midst of speeding traffic after an envelope containing the money blew out of a passenger seat pocket of the convertible.

The man, 23, contacted police immediately, who then blocked the motorway in both directions for nearly half an hour. Eight police officers assisted the man in retrieving his notes and were able to recover 20,000 euros — and at no time asked the 23-year-old what the hell he was doing with $31,000 in cash in a convertible he was test driving.


"The remaining 3,000 euros have not been found," a police spokeswoman said, but warned treasure hunters of searching for any bills and keeping them, saying that was illegal. Yeah, OK, good luck enforcing that! (Hat tip to muhnkee_2!) [via]

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Rob Emslie

Don't give him the cow to take into town to sell. Magic beans my ass.