German Man Fires His Skoda Octavia Into Church Roof

A German man was likely filled with the spirit, or at least spirits, when he lost control of his Skoda Octavia at high speeds, launching his car onto the roof of a church.

A police officer in the village of Limbach-Oberfrohna in eastern Germany was on patrol when he witnessed a man and his magic speeding Skoda lose control in a turn, drive up an embankment and fly across the street into the roof of a small church. Emergency crews were on the scene within minutes but it took firefighters equipped with a ladder truck to get the seriously injured driver out of the little Skoda. It took a crew equipped with a crane to get the vehicle out of the roof.


If it turns out the man was drunk, he'll likely face a prison sentence and years of overcompensating when the collection plate comes around at church. (Hat tip to Franzouse!)

[BBC News]

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