Since it hasn't rained in Georgia in something like one million years, the state is on the verge of a Mad Max-esque , post-apocolyptic future. Because of this, Lord Humungous the Governor ordered state employees to stop washing their cars in order to preserve some of the liquid gold. Apparently, not everyone got that particular memo as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution managed to find state employees using their state-issued credit cards for some washes.

Among the perpetrators was Georgia Highlands College President J. Randy Pierce, who claims to have not heard about the particular edict before getting his car washed. Due to his negligence, there was no happy ending after his trip to the Magic Touch Car Wash. The Governor's spokeswoman claimed that employees getting busted for car washes "may be volunteered to be the first to grab a bucket and dredge the dead pool at Lake Lanier." [AJC]