George Foreman Owns So Many Cars He Hides Some From His Wife

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Heavyweight boxer and grilling connoisseur George Foreman is a car nut, amassing a collection of “more than 50" vehicles that he has to hide from his wife. Here’s a look at some of his stash.

George Foreman sat down with talk show host Graham Bensinger to discuss cars, and it doesn’t take long for Big George to reveal his inner car nut. And though he does have a bunch of spicy, expensive exotics, unlike a lot of well-off celebrity figures, Foreman’s true love is something simple: a black 1977 Volkswagen Beetle convertible.

George’s Beetle story is a familiar one: He came from a modest background and always looked up to a particular car as a sort of “halo vehicle.” Then when he made a bit of coin, he bought that dream car, symbolizing the fact that he finally “made it.” That car sticks with them forever, as George points out:

I got the Volkswagen, and the other cars are just dressing around it... it’s not the most expensive, but it’s cherished with me, because you never forget where you come from.


His collection is full of Chevrolets (especially Corvettes), but there are also some rat rods, an old ’50s GMC pickup, a Ferrari 360, a Lamborghini Diablo, a G-Wagen, a Ford GT, an R129 Mercedes SL and probably a whole bunch that we’re not seeing.

George says he doesn’t even know how many cars he has at this point, saying: “I’ve taken to hiding them from my wife now, and some are in different places. More than 50.”


The boxer, sadly, doesn’t drive most of these gorgeous machines, though his son, George Foreman IV (“third son, fourth George, eight child”) admits to hooning these things at speeds he probably shouldn’t mention on camera. Lucky dog.