George Clooney, Girlfriend Hurt In Motorcycle Accident In New Jersey

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The smug-causing star of Oceans 9 10 11 and his girlfriend Sarah Larson were injured on Friday when Clooney crashed the motorcycle they were on while driving on a narrow road across the Hudson River in Jersey. Clooney's reportedly suffered a broken rib and Larson broke her foot. Both have been released from the Palisades medical center where they'd been treated. According to Sgt. Sean Kelly, the Weehawken police officer in charge of the investigation:

"Clooney and Larson were traveling north and sped up to pass on the right of a 1999 Mazda Millenia that was preparing to make a right turn."

Although there's apparently some question as to whether the Millenia was looking to go right or left, there's no dispute that passing on the right, as it is pretty much everywhere with left-hand drive cars, is a no-no. Clooney's spokesman Stan Rosenfeld, obviously upset with having to work on erev Yom Kippur is telling it like it is

"The car signaled left. George was riding to the right. The driver decided to make an abrupt right turn and clipped George..."


Or not — what does "riding to the right" mean? Whatever — fear not though, because we're hearing the movie he's filming with Brad Pitt in Jersey is not "Oceans 14" and unfortunately, it's expected to be right on schedule. [via Detroit News]

Photo Credit: Mike Carrillo / Getty Images Entertainment

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Get your motor runnin'

dum dum duh dum dum

Fall down on the highway

dum dum duh dum dum

Seriously though, I don't like to hear about anyone getting hit on a bike. I don't know the guy, mebbe' he's okay. Mebbe' he did something stupid. But too many people get hit on bikes.