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In 1999 there were a few things you could've told us that we would not believe were occurring in 2006. One, the former owner of a baseball team and Governor of Texas would actually become President ("Who would vote for him over McCain?" I remember thinking logically). And two, he would be launching a probe into big oil with a straight face. But here we are and here he goes launching an oiled up probe straight up the rear-ends of the so-called friends of the GOP. That's what happens when you have the lowest approval rating of your presidency (almost at Clinton, Nixon and Reagan levels!). Let's get this probe prepped fellas, we're waiting at the launch pad.

Jalopnik Disclaimer: We're not overly political but sometimes when you find a picture of the President falling off a Segway scooter you have to run it even if it has nothing to do with the post.

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