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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Genuine Driveshaft Through The Skull Shirts Now Available!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There's been plenty of excitement about the Driveshaft Through The Skull symbol done by our friend Walker Canada. Everyone, it seems, wants to sport their own DTTS gear, and understandably so! You can download the vector graphic here and make your own stuff, you can get stickers from an obliging Jalopnik reader... and now you can buy Driveshaft Through The Skull T-shirts printed by Walker himself! Make the jump to get the details.


Walker plans to print up a bunch of really high-quality DTTS shirts, using only the best blank shirts, the highest-quality inks, and the most rigorous quality-control techniques to produce a beautiful work of sartorial art that he can sell for 25 bucks. Fortunately for our cheap-ass frugal Jalopnik readership, he's done a test run using factory-second shirts and gear he had sitting around the silk-screen shop, and I'm authorized to sell them to Jalopnik readers for half that price. Yes, these shirts are $12.50!


See all those colors? You can get new blank T-shirts way cheaper when you buy them in random, unappealing colors. These coveted Driveshaft Through The Skull shirts come in shades such as Babyshit Yellow, Sorta Like British Racing Green, Lost The Will To Live Gray, Cheap Rental Car Beige, and so on... but that doesn't matter, because you don't get to pick your shirt's color! You can choose the size (as long as it's a medium, large, or extra-large), and I'll even let you specify the color you most don't want to get. I might ignore your request, but you can take a shot. Don't worry, insecure-about-your-masculinity guys, there are no pink shirts!

Most of the shirts are made by Haynes or Port & Company, and they're not the absolute crappiest T-shirts money can buy (more like a couple notches up from Utter Crap, since they don't seem to shrink much when washed). They might have blemishes, stains, holes, printing errors, Cesium-137 contamination, three arms, or other problems, and it's just plain tough shit if you can't deal with that! We're trying to get these things to Jalopnik readers as cheaply and easily as possible; odds are your shirt will be OK, but: $12.50!

I've set up a separate fixed-price auction for each shirt size on eBay Motors; PayPal is your only payment option. As for shipping costs, I'm charging the exact cost to stick a shirt into a USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail envelope and drop it in a mailbox. That means $4.80 for residents of the US of A, $9.95 for our NAFTA friends in Mexico and Canada, and $11.95 to the rest of you in your godforsaken furrin lands. There will be no shipping discounts for multiple shirts, because I have only 85 shirts total (60 of which are size L) and we want to maximize the number of readers who get shirts. Anything that makes for added complexity and/or hassles for me will result in a dead rat- or worse- being included in your package, so think twice before you start whining about anything!

Medium DTTS Shirt- SOLD OUT!

Large DTTS Shirt

Extra Large DTTS Shirt- SOLD OUT!