Genius Watergun Bumper Hack Will Keep Tailgaters Off Your Ass

Even if you tailgate people on the road, I'm willing to bet that you hate people who tailgate you. Following too closely is pretty much the worst. I've always wanted a way to get them off my tail, and now I think we have the solution: Water. Lots of water.

This bumper hack installs a watergun to shoot the liquid of your choice at the person riding your ass. Obviously, this could be illegal and dangerous. Like if you shot paint out onto someone's windshield. Or pepper spray out into a convertible.


The hacker, Chris Pool, said that this is just for shits and giggles, and isn't intended for people to use and then ruin another motorist's life. But can you imagine how wonderful this would be to have on your car?

BMWs would no longer be riding your ass for miles at a time in a 25 zone. You'll show them.

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