Genius Cattle-Hauling Crown Vic Lets Your Longhorn Ride Shotgun

Screencap via Craig Falls

If you’ve ever wanted to go on a nice, relaxing country drive with your pet longhorn, this car-as-cattle-hauler is the answer to all of your hopes and dreams.


This bespoke cattle hauler was spotted in Virdigre, Nebraska, and appears to have been made out of an ex-police Panther-platform Ford Crown Victoria. According to one commenter on the Facebook video, it featured as a parade float in Virdigre’s annual Kolach Days parade.

The ingenious setup allows one head of cattle to ride side-by-side with the driver, yet thankfully, still seems to leave the and what’s left of the human side of the car’s interior fairly separate.

Unfortunately, this does not keep the big longhorn in this video from pooping on the roof. Still, roof poop is a small price to pay for a satisfying drive with your bovine buddy!

[H/T Sean!]

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