Geneva Showcase: Maserati GranTurismo

Pininfarina's completely refigured the Maserati GT (now GranTurismo), giving it a much more demanding part in the Maserati show than its Giugiaro-designed predecessor played. Whereas the older GT coupe was like an underachieving sibling, invisible in the shadow of the style-leading Quattroporte, this one just took over the lead role. And that's as it should. The new GT (sorry, GranTurismo) has many times the charisma of the outgoing model. As mentioned in the launch materials last week, it's powered by a 405-hp version of Ferrari's 4.2-liter V8, and sports a weight distribution of 49%/51% (front/rear). Maserati says it can fit two full-sized adults in the back seats, a requisite but mostly neglected feature for a GT car. Custom luggage is by Ferragamo (don't ask).

Phone call for Aston Martin.


Geneva Pre-Show: Maserati GranTourismo Coupe Revealed [internal]


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