Geneva Showcase: Fioravanti Thalia

Fioravanti isn't the best-known Italian design shop. It started out building golf courses in Tokyo before moving to car design in 1991. Its home base is near Turin, Italy, where you can't swing an almond panatone without hitting a designer of cars or teapots. And what would a Turin design firm be without a figurehead? He is Leonardo Fioravanti, who once designed Ferraris for Pininfarina, and spent the late 1980s as boss of Fiat's design center. The firm has done concepts for Lancia, as well as for its own edification. As for its new Thalia concept, designed to incorporate whatever alternative-energy powerplant is in vogue, we're taking the fourth. We'd rather not be improperly searched or seized.

Geneva Pre-Show: The Fiorvanti Thalia Concept [internal]


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