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Geneva Pre-Show: Hyundai Arnejs i30 Compact Hatch Makes An Early Entrance

Hyundai's been planning an exclusive press presentation of the European developed i30 compact hatch at the Four Seasons Hotel in Geneva one day before the Geneva Show media days begin. Well now the swanky soiree may be a little less swank, as a number of fan sites around the net seem to have prematurely shot their load of pictures onto their forum pages. We don't have know much else about the i30 other than it'll be powered by the same engines running under the hood of it's its cross-brand cousin, the Kia Cee'd. So that includes a 1.4-liter gas engine with 109 hp, a 1.6-liter gas engine with 122 hp and a 2.0-liter gas engine with 143 hp in addition to three more diesels (a 1.6-liter CRDi at 90 hp and 115 hp and a big ol' 2.0-liter CRDi running at 140 hp). As for the design? It looks a lot like a rebadged, remasked Kia Cee'd than anything close to a production version of the Arnejs concept from last year.


Hat tip: 2008 Hyundai i30 -aka Arnejs or FD, leaks on the net! [CARSCOOP]
Picture from: It's an i30! It's an Infiniti! It's a... Hyundai? [VWVortex]

Hyundai Arnejs Concept, in the Flejsh?; No More Seed Puns: Kia C'eed Sports Wagon for Paris; Spy Photos: Hyundai Arnejs Production Model [internal]


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