Geneva Compacts

Renault is celebrating the Clio's 20th birthday by doing the equivalent of giving it a pack of new socks as a present, a new black grille and new wheels is all it gets.


Here's the freshened Opel Corsa. Sure looks... um, new? The most noteworthy improvement is 13% better fuel economy, there are supposed to be changes in appearance but we won't blame you if you can't see 'em, we couldn't.

Citroen's reborn DS line just isn't working for us. If you're going to tack a DS designation on a car, it better be a game-changing weirdomobile we can't help but love. The DS3 doesn't do it for us, and this DS High Rider Concept doesn't either. Can it balance on three wheels? No? Okay, next.


Just what the Lexus brand needs, another compact, premium, luxury hybrid option. The CT200h is supposed to borrow inspiration from the LF-Ch Concept, but this teaser indicates a more sedan-like tail end, so we'll see.

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