General Motors Delays Sales Announcement Due To Totally-Real Glitch

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General Motors CEO Mary Barra is testifying on Capitol Hill today about the known safety issue that resulted in driver deaths in the cars her company made. And, in an amazing coincidence, GM's March sales numbers are delayed this morning due to a computer glitch.

No, the delay in sales numbers have nothing to do with Barra's current testimony into a massive institutional failure that resulted in dozens of people killed, which, to be fair, she appears to have completely inherited, and she appears to have been, so far, forthcoming and apologetic. And they certainly have nothing to do with the fact that GM was forced to recall over 5,000,000 vehicles in March.

And it most definitely has nothing to do with GM's share price falling more than 5% since news of the recalls began, and which any potential bad sales figures would dent further, making up for the 2% gain this morning.


GM is just having some computer trouble, is all (Seriously. They are). And it expects to have the trouble all fixed up by this afternoon, once Barra is done testifying. That's all it is.

This is not an April Fools' joke.

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I work for GM and can verify we were unable to access a lot of service and parts related stuff yesterday for some reason, none of our parts orders went through last night which is a huge piss off. Maybe there really is a computer problem.