General-ly Payola For Play Is A Bad Idea

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We would / should / could be aghast, but frankly this shit's getting to be so commonplace it's almost expected. It would appear a PR agency paid by folks over at the RenCen's been takin' tips from the pages of the New York Post. Page Six, to be precise. The allegations come from none-other than Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton. Yesterday on the syndicated radio program Marketplace, Reich claimed Strauss Radio Strategies Inc., a PR firm for General Motors, offered him money to say the employee buyout deal made with the UAW was a good idea. As expected, GM's putting the hard spin on this one, letting everyone and their mother know they didn't authorize any payouts or payments. However, one would hope the General would use vendors accountable for their actions? Come on, they've got such a good track record of that. Using vendors we mean — not so much the "accountability" or "action" parts.


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