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Take the fastest car GM's ever built, slap on a famous Dodge Charger paint job. The result? The General Lee Corvette ZR1. It ran in last week's Gold Rush Rally and it's everything a Duke boy could ever want.


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No, this doesn't make any sense and no, the doors are not welded shut, but this General Lee could most definitely outrun Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane. It's certainly one of the best, if not at all historically accurate General Lees ever. The 638 HP supercharged bright orange monster was painted up for this year's Gold Rush Rally, a five day rich boy's race from Seattle to Las Vegas. The 'Vette's so ridiculous we can't help but love it, sort of like taking the life's best things and tossing them into a mixer. A pizza and margarita smoothie doesn't sound too appetizing, but this ZR1 definitely hits the spot. (Thanks for the tip green28)

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