'General Lee' BMW M3 Confuses The Hell Out Of Us

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This may not be the most inappropriate homage to every good ol' boy's favorite jumping Dodge Charger we've seen lately, but this E90 four-door M3 in orange with blocky "01" numbers leaves us wondering just what everyone involved was thinking.


A lucky (?) Jalopnik reader snapped this fleeting shot in downtown Baltimore. No word on whether the Stars and Bars were on the roof, but we probably have to assume the worst.


Far be it for us to tell anyone what to do with their car, but really, even the most iconic liveries only make sense in certain cases. Is it supposed to be ironic? Is it just an attention-grabber done in debatable taste? What did that poor machine do wrong to justify this? And c'mon: At least the Alfa had the right number of doors.

(Hat tip to TP!)

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The Dutch der Herzog?