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The pollsters never quit. Anytime we've been metricked to death, they come up with another metric to measure us by. This time around, it's buzzworthiness. And since we could care less about Gen Y (sorry, Ray), and the boomers annoy us to no end (sorry, Farago), we're gonna focus on Generation X, whom, as our friend Lew once succinctly put it, was "raised by rockstars."


Raised by what the Harrises refer to as "pre-Boomers," we grew up in Catalinas, Ramblers, Colony Parks, Firenzas (the less said about that car, the better) etc., while our friends' boomer parents tended to drive Volvos, BMWs, Hondas and Toyotas. We back the pre-boomers; they invented hot-rodding and rock 'n' roll, after all. But shame of shame, this generation of ours which we hold so precious; which grew up on the American indie underground; which birthed giant-killers such as Nirvana and Jawbreaker; the Descendents and Green Day. Their buzzworthy vehicle of note? The H3: an underpowered, overweight vehicle mainly suited to off-road duty.

The boomers, meanwhile, chose the Charger, an overpowered, big, fast beast of a mother. Christ man, their sense of self-entitlement has done in our navel-gazing faux-artiness again. Meanwhile, Gen Y chose the Cobalt. Criminy. No future for you, indeed.

Who are these people, and how do we share any semblance of a demographic with them? The H3? Screw that. We're gonna start wearing porkpies and Sans-A-Belt slacks and rolling correct in the right lane with the blinker on. Secession is on, mofos.

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