Gearhead Olympus: If You Can't Get An Alterna-Fuel Car, Build It Yourself

We're not surprised that this one comes from the Bay Area—except that it's about building stuff in garages, rather than starting a restaurant or auditioning a Web 2.0 business plan. Mark Armstrong has been teaching a course at Santa Rosa Junior College in which he instructs budding alternative-fuel gearheads on the ins and outs of bio-diesel conversions and turning old Plymouths into electro-mobiles.

This must be some kinda shop class! It isn't Stanford, that's for sure. And why should it be? We're not sure the wrench-turners of our alterna-fuel future are going to be packing degrees from elite institutions of higher learning, anyway. The meek-anic shall inherit the Earth!


Heck, they make fuel from old wine. Resourceful!

[San Francisco Chronicle]

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