GE Wants To Help Chrysler Bring Plug-In Hybrids To Life

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GE's looking to play with some new hybrid battery technology in the automotive space, so what better man for them to reach out to than former GE executive Bob "The Builder" Nardelli — the current CEO of Chrysler? That's exactly who the company all about the light bulbs and bringing good things to life is reaching out to. According to Automotive News GE's teaming up with Chrysler on a project to demonstrate a technology they're calling a "dual-battery energy storage system." What this one-time project means, after the jump.


Our take is that although a one-time team-up may be fun, GE's got a lot of expertise in batteries, drivetrains and power electronic controls — so the real fortunes and glory for Jeff Immelt's mega-company will come from being able to pivot this one-time project into a contract for supplying components for plug-in hybrid vehicles. But regardless of what company provides the technology, one thing that's clear is it took Chrysler much too long to start working on plug-in hybrid tech. At this rate they should have product hitting the street at about the same time as we start using plutonium to power SUVs. [via Automotive News (sub. req.)]

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...unless this means aircraft engine option for Challenger.

but probably just sad "Must See TV" tie-ins, like a 300C crashes into the ER, while Jay Leno's wife insists on adding a Journey to the collection (of course wacky situations ensue), and one of the "Deal or No Deal" models is replaced with a CGI Patriot (pssst, contestant: pick the briefcase that says "Chrysler LLC" on it - the one held by the chunky gal with square shoulders).

yeah, probably just a marketing scam.