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Gas tanker explosion creates terrifying, gigantic fireball

Illustration for article titled Gas tanker explosion creates terrifying, gigantic fireball

This glowing fireball is not the coming of Harold Camping's apocalypse but the aftermath of a collision between a tanker carrying 8,500 gallons of gas and a minivan, which took place on the New Jersey Turnpike last night. Citizen journalist @MelissaJoann was there and filmed what she saw; this image is a still from her crazy-looking video.


WNBC-TV was also on the scene and took this aerial view footage of the fire:


At least nine people were injured during the collision, which stopped traffic for hours. Luckily, reports say that no one's injuries are "life-threatening."

Update: ABC's coverage includes flaming hot FIREBALL FOOTAGE. Fast-forward to :53 to watch the FIREBALL FOOTAGE.

[@MelissaJoann, WNBC ]

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