Gas hits $4.03 a gallon in Illinois

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The price of gas is fast approaching the $4 a gallon level nationwide. Already in the state of Illinois, average gas prices even went beyond that psychological level — hitting $4.03 for a gallon of go-juice.


Aside from Illinois, three other states already have gas prices above $4 — California, Alaska and Hawaii.

Across the U.S., the national average as of Tuesday was $3.79 per gallon, which is up 23% from January. The Energy Information Administration in its April short-term energy outlook, warned there is a 33% chance that the national average would reach $4 in July.


The peak of regular gas price was on July 17, 2008 at $4.11, according to the Oil Price Information Service.

We're already stockpiling petrol here at the Jalopnik bunker.

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I'm tired of these "Well out in Bedfordshirebergham we're paying $153.959! Quit your whining!" Guess what, mate - I don't live out there, so A: I don't care, and B: Your economy and infrastructure is already set to handle fuel prices like that(without crushing your economy, that is). And hey, I'm not hearing anyone from Venezuela or Egypt chiming in about how we should suck it up.

I'm all for alternative fuel and hybrids and all that crap. That's great Mr. O - but in due time. The vast majority of us(private and business) are still tooling around in full-on gasoline engines. Pricing and crushing the working middle class and poor out of the cars we’re in won't get us into Teslas or Leafs. That will just crush our already fragile economy. I don’t understand how it can be so obvious, yet Washington continues to try an turn our blinders to "alternative energy" instead of solving the problem. Our government is almost acting like they want our economy to collapse.