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Garmin Superbowl Ad Pokes Fun at Short French Emperor

Garmin has been keeping really busy this week. The GPS giant has been dropping hints all over the place about its Super Bowl ad that surprisingly (or maybe not, if you're a marketer who's savvy with these interwebs) isn't debuting during the Super Bowl, but rather online. The ad has gone live and it's all right, I guess. I've never been one of the "watch the Super Bowl for the commercials" kind of people, mainly because I have a horrible gambling problem and usually have a vested interest in the game. I'm sorry. So very sorry. But this ad isn't too bad. Kind of cute, kind of funny. It stars Napoleon, the diminutive Corsican who dominated all Europe long ago in the pre-Garmin era (we have GPS, Napoleon had Eclaireurs-a-Cheval—scouts on horseback). This commercial is also one less thing that I'll have to pay attention to Sunday when I'm plump with beer and brats and squandering February's rent. Or winning big! Like I said, I have a problem. [Garmin Gameday]


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Jeff Glucker

@cardesignmike: Is that Hurley on lead vocals, at the end?