Underground Garbage truck street racing is apparently the latest threat to civil society in Canada, because cops in Goderich, Ontario have busted a driver for 112 KPH in a 60 KPH zone. The part that has us furrowing our brow is there seems to be no opponent in this race. Which would simply make it speeding, which would mean the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP, yeah you know them) wouldn't be able to impound the truck, suspend his license and levy a minimum $2,000 fine.

Apparently what's going on here is the exercise of a new law on the Canadian books to combat street racing where the speeds exceed 50 KPH above posted limits. Remember the old man in the Olds arrested for racing? Same law. We fail to see how this is racing if there is, you know... no race involved in the situation. Leave it to the OPP to find a way to snag other peoples money. [Canada.com]