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In case you hadn't heard — and, lets face it, unless you've been navigating the complex narrative web of Audi's "Missing A3" online advergame (sorry guys, but we have a job) you probably haven't — the "missing A3" has been "found." Since April, when an Audi A3 was "stolen" from a New York showroom, hardcore gamers have been pursuing the culprits through the exploits of the fictitious Nisha and Ian, whose story unwound across media, from digital to real-life events to TV and back. In the end, and not unexpectedly, the heroine prevailed and the car was recovered — though automotive advertising may not be quite so lucky.

Is Missing Audi A3 a Marketing Ploy?; New Online Viral Campaign for the Audi A3; Viral Campaign Launch of Audi A3 Attracts Attention of Business Community [internal]


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