Gale Harold Tries, Fails To Sell Pontiac Azteks

Everyone laughs at the Aztek. Poor Aztek! But at least The General was trying something interesting, either ignoring the focus groups or selecting incredibly unrepresentative focus group members when they made their prediction that their über-cladded crypto-minivan would sell like crazy. And, as part of their ad campaign, they got Queer As Folk actor Gale Harold to do an ad for this fine motor vehicle; watch as he scarfs some sushi, then swings to the beat! Can you hear the marketing wizards bandying about words like "hip" and "urban" and "edgy" in their meetings?

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Dave on bass

I was an Aztek owner for a couple years (01-03). Saw it on TV when it first came out and said, out loud, to all in the room: "That's the ugliest thing I've ever seen. I must have one."

I didn't get the lime or the yellow, I got "pewter", GM's not quite gold, not quite silver color, to counteract the funky styling.

And you know what? Plenty of people thought it was cool; I thought it was very comfy, useful, way better than the '96 Cavalier it replaced.... I got more positive curiosity from strangers than anything else. The fact that it had a 6-disc indash and a heads-up display were seriously trick, to me, being in my early 20s at the time and not having had leather interior even or power windows before then.

I'll even go so far as to say when they restyled it - took off the black plastic, made the wheels larger, added the spoiler - it turned into a vehicle I actually thought, and still think, looks damn cool. Better than a Torrent anyday. Then again, I like weird cars I guess.