Illustration for article titled Gaddafis Offsprings Ferrari Seized In Germany For Being Too Loud

The War on Terror-izingly Loud Autos claimed another victim as German police towed away Muammar Gaddafi's son's Ferrari 430. Seif al-Arab, son of the Libyan leader, is studying something in Munich and, like most students, gets by on a mixture of Ramen Noodles, Ultimate Frisbee and Italian sports cars. Police report that the car's exhaust emitted 110.5 decibels, over the 98 decibel limit.

Somehow, Seif is going to have to get together 100 pounds or else be forced to take the bus. He also may be driving on an invalid international license. This comes at a time when Libya has taken a more open stance towards its relations with Europe, including forking over $35 million in a settlement related to the Berlin Disco Bombings. Maybe he should have had them thrown in any future offspring's automotive crimes. [Telegraph]


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