G-Oil: Yep, You Guessed It, A Green Motor Oil

With green-this, hydrogen-that, hybrid-this and Al Gore-that all slowly taking over the pages of Jalopnik, we thought that we still had the safe haven known as the "traditional engine" to fall back on, free from worries about the environment or mpg or anything else. Until now. Welcome G-Oil to the party, the green-alternative to traditional motor oil.

This oil supposedly uses nanotechnology and dehydrogenation, whatever the hell those do, to be all green-like. It contains amino acid, plant exacts, plant-based fatty acids and non-ionic surfacants. Sounds like it would make a nice shampoo!


One appealing feature is that when it comes time for an oil change you can combine the G-Oil with Green Earth Technology's G-DISPOSOIL to ensure the oil is 100 percent biodegradable.

G-Oil also comes in a variety of weighs including 5w-20, 5w-30, 10w-30, 10w-40, 15w-40, 20w-50 and SAE-30. Man, going green is freaking awesome! [Toolmonger]

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