You know how every year around New Year's (or Thanksgiving), people circulate a AAA number saying that if you call it, they'll give you a ride home? That's usually not true. Another number you shouldn't call? 911, because police won't give you a ride, either — except to the police station.

A 24-year-old Metro Detroit woman went out to a bar. And like most of us young-blooded Americans who enjoy nights at the bar, she had one too many. Rather than have a few more waters and try to wait it out, Sterling Heights resident Alana Sims instead dialed 911 and asked for a ride home, according to WJBK:

When asked why she requested an escort home, Sims says she has been drinking "a little much" and that "she knows a few people at the police station" and that "all the cabs are too busy." The dispatcher tells her to stay inside and that someone will come talk to her.


And that's when things went left. Because it's a crime to summon the authorities when there is no actual crime, Sims was arrested and now has a court date this week.

I seem to remember a commercial that aired back in the '90s during Saturday morning cartoons that said what you should and shouldn't call 911 for. (The one thing I remember: Don't call 911 for cats in trees.) Add this to the list.

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