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Funny how the more things change, the more they stay the same. This page out of the August 1936 edition of Inventions magazine features a form of doom and gloom everybody is familiar with seventy two years later - pending depletion of known oil reserves. Todays saviors are hybrids and hydrogen fuel cells, the solution in 1936 was "Radio-Fuel". This vaguely worded bit of gee-whizery presents a fantastical feat of far fetched engineering.

"Radio-fuel", to this engineers ears and based on the artists rendering, would be more appropriately called an induction drive system. Induction is the same principle that makes any generator work. Pass a moving coil of wire through a magnetic field and direct current is generated. The problem with this concept is power. To make this work, either the radio field would have to be powerful enough to cook you in transit, or the coil would be utterly enormous. Neither are options most customers would pay for. Check out the full page article HERE