Further Proof The Volkswagen Golf Is A Hipster Car

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This might not be a revelation to some of you, but others who forget the Golf, one of the world's best-selling cars, is still marketed in the US, might be a little more surprised.


Volkswagen has had this hold on the upscale-y young urban market for a while now. And a recent observation by someone driving through the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles further proved the point.

VadGTI over at VWVortex took note of this hipster Golf population recently with shaky video evidence of driving one block of Sunset Junction area of Silver Lake. It's a place named "Best Hipster Neighborhood" by outlets like Forbes, with lots of words like "urban," "walkable" and other words hipsters like.


Look at the video, though, and the Golfs just look right there, no? The Golf comes in lots of flavors (2.5, TDI, GTI, R), it's small, a hatch and has just enough pretentiousness about its badge (more than a Ford Focus, less than a BMW 1-series) that it's sophisticated without being a total ass about itself.

So, what other cars out there perfectly fit their neighborhoods?

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Victorious Secret

Less pretentiousness than a 1-series?

Jesus, the Golf owners I've come across think their car is the work of Zeus himself.

They literally rub their nose at people who drive anything less. They aren't amused by your Ferraris and Lamborghinis because they don't carry VW aluminium und shteel.