Like a lot of modern performance cars, the bonkers 707 horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat has a “Valet Mode” that keeps the guy parking your car from turning it into a land missile. The Hellcat even goes a step further with two keys, only one of which can activate its full power. That’s a real bummer for the valets in this video.

The video itself is pretty uneventful, and for good reason. You hear the funny part around 2:10, where the driver complains “it’s slow,” and “that’s BULL-shit,” and also “this is horseshit... it’s on Valet Mode, we can’t do anything.”


The valets also don’t realize they’re caught on the owner’s dash cam video, which captured their entire conversation. But they must not be very bright. From the video description:

Took my car to Universal Studios and left it with the valet. I expected my car to be taken care of and valet mode saved me i guess? They even had a passenger get in the car and didn’t notice the dash cam mounted on the windshield (Not hidden at all.)

In the Hellcat, Valet Mode forces the car to start in second gear, disables the paddle shifters, and prevents the driver from turning off the traction control and other nannies.

No burnouts, no problem. Who’s taking care of your Hellcat?

Hat tip to r/cars!

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