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Yesterday's Moment of Zen had us wondering, What makes a person decide that covering the inside of a Citroen in fur is a good idea? Heck, why would anyone cover any car in fur? We're assuming it's some type of mental disorder a psychologist would revel in dissecting. Maybe there's a name for the creepy syndrome, like "autofurophilia" or something. Forget about the obvious associations with the furvert community; that's for our sister site Fleshbot to explore. Of course, what really offends us is the number of cars from all points of the world which have been be-furred. It's a mass tendency that just doesn't make any sense to us. Doesn't it start to smell bad after a while? And what about the PETA factor?


Plus we have to imagine that pulling clumps of hair out of the HVAC system and the air filter amounts to an full afternoon's activity. Perhaps it's one of those questions which can not be answered; it simply is. We're not even going to get started on the overwhelming wrongness of fur-covered motorcycles.


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