Fun With Corvettes In Quebec And North Carolina!

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. Today we've got a couple of modified Corvettes caught in motion by eagle-eyed readers, one in Quebec and the other in North Carolina. See, the problem with Corvettes is execrable build quality lack of interior space, and here we see two different approaches to solving that problem! Thanks to Seatbelt123 and RacerX for sending these in; make the jump to read their descriptions.

(Corvette 2+2) These photos were taken a few weeks ago by my father while vacationing in Quebec. My father, who is a gearhead and an occasional Jalop himself, noticed this maroon beast lurking along while waiting in line for a ferry to cross the St. Lawrence. It appears to be a C3 Vette which the owner has decided to rebody into a 2+2! You'll notice that from the A-pillar back the body has been entirely redone in classic DIY fashion. The bodywork is a little wavy and the paint is a little patchy but now he is the proud owner of a Vette which can carry 4 in style. One can only imagine the reasoning for creating such a magnificent beast. Maybe the wife chided him for his "unpractical" purchase of a Vette so he went about to prove her wrong. Maybe it's a top secret 2+2 C7 mule out doing some testing. Maybe he had some extra Bondo lying around and said "why not?" Anyways, pardon the dodgy nature of the photos, this particular area is notorious for biker gangs and my father didn't want to upset anyone so he snapped them as quickly and as discretely as possible.
(Corvette Wagon) Yo! Just noticed ur DOTS post on the stingray. Check out the one I just saw! We were driving from NC to VA to check out another (3rd) milano... We just saw a Stingray Sportwagon on a trailer. nice!


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