Fuel Injection Couldn't Keep This Volvo 144E From The Crusher

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For a very brief moment, I thought that I was looking at one of my old cars when I encountered this 140 at my local self-service yard.


But no, my '69 144 automatic sedan had dual SU carburetors, not Bobby Bosch fuel injection. How many of these 140Es do you suppose are left in the world? A few hundred? Fewer?

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One good thing that could come out of the dismembering of the Big 2.5 is that liberated niche brands such as Volvo could have the chance to return to their roots of producing a slow-changing product line. I don't think the four- or five-year redesign cycle is necessary if the vehicle has the right qualities, such as uncommon reliability, versatility, engineering finesse, etc.

Once Volvos stopped being Volvos they had to play the same planned obsolescence game as everyone else.

Same goes for Mercedes and BMW. They've become strikingly American in their basic product-planning philosophy.