Front Wing-Equipped Scion tC Looks Dumb, Sets Record

Just when we thought we'd seen it all, along comes Chris Rado and his huge front wing-equipped Scion tC, putting down-force right where it's needed. The result — a new FWD lap record at Willow Springs.


Everything is unofficial at this point, but the novel approach to FWD aerodynamics registered a 1:22.623 lap at Willow Springs raceway — only four seconds slower than a track-built Acura NSX running the same day. Track officials are still sifting through the record books, but it's believed Rado has set a new lap record for FWD cars, and that's while dealing with turbocharger issues.

The car may look goofy, but you can't argue with the results. Form following function is a hallmark of racing, and we're happy to see this guy chucking convention on it's ear, damning the aesthetics and putting speed at the forefront of the sport. We're sure his competitors are already taking notes. (Thanks for the tip Dan>)


[Speedhunters, World Racing]

Photo credit: Mike Garrett

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