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We turn to Kirk Stingle, uber-salesman for Inskip Porsche of Rhode Island. According to Captain Kirk, the Cayman is not a 911-killer. "A buyer who goes for a new 911 buys it to say he's got a 911. From an ego standpoint, he's got to have the best of the best." Even so, Kirk admits the Cayman's got a lot of people confused— including him. "The car's got to find its market," Stingle says. "It's shuffling our buyers around a bit." For example, Kirk sees the Cayman's mid-60's price luring customers away from pre-owned previous gen 911's that fall in the $50k to $70k range; or tempting owners of older 993/996 to "trade up" to a new Cayman. Kirk figures either eventuality is not a threat to Big Daddy Carrera... at the moment.

"There's not a lot of anything around right now," Kirk says, revealing that Inskip's lot is 911 coupe-less. "So customers are not facing the choice of a 911 or a Cayman on the showroom floor. If the guys in the older 911's trade-in for a Cayman, that'll help us, not hurt us."


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Meanwhile, Kirk reports that the Cayman is generating conquest sales from other marques, especially 3-Series and 'Vette owners. Displaying the kind of informed honesty that makes Captain Kirk a living legend in Little Rhody and beyond, he warns all his customers not to over-spec the Cayman and encroach on 911 territory. "Keep it clean: 19" wheels, sports steering wheel, heated seats, short shifter. Remember: once you're over 60k, you're getting close to the price of an entry level 911. You won't see that extra money back."

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