From Fukui to You: More on Honda's Diesels, Turbos

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Honda's CEO, Takeo "The First Person to Call Me Dr. F Loses an Eye" Fukui says the company is working up a clean diesel V6 that will likely power the Honda Pilot and Acura MDX, AutoWeek reports. The prospective V6 is the second of Honda's new diesel engines to come to light, the first being a 2.2-liter four set to arrive in 2009, potentially in the Civic and CRV. In the same interview Fukui also said the company's recent move to turbocharge its new RDX may trickle down to Honda brand products, which may finally vindicate the kids with boost gauges sprouting from their Civics' A-pillars like weird, analog fruit.

Honda developing diesel V6 [AutoWeek]

Honda's Oil Burner Is Nigh: Clean Diesel Coming by 2009 [internal]

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oh how I pine for a pocket rocket with scads of torque. Imagine a world with a 2000 lb civic type R with 150 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque.

I love the smell of diesel clouds in the morning.