'Free Rein' Is Vaughn Gittin, Jr.'s Bizarre Tire Shredding Electric Fever Dream

Taking his 1400 horsepower Mach E for a rip around the Faroe Islands is an amazingly weird thing to watch

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Gif: Ford Performance

Just when you thought it was impossible to make something new, Vaughn Gittin, Jr. and Sam “the drift idiot” Nalven have gone and created a non-conventionally gorgeous and thought provoking short film about cars. These two have managed to upend all of your preconceptions about what this video was going to be. As much as you think it’s going to be yet another chip off the Ken Block, it’s something different altogether.  

Gittin has a conversation with his semi-sentient electric SUV as they shred tires together across the gorgeous landscapes of the Faroe Islands. There are menacing glances from the local sheep, a strange gift from an even stranger island inhabitant, and eye-warping sequences that dare you to look away, but draw you deeper in. The whole thing plays like a trippy fever dream, and it’s all the better for it.

I really want to know director Nalven’s vision for this video. What was the original idea that spawned this video, and how did it progress from storyboard to finished product? I love every weird French art film choice they made, and can’t get over how absolutely bizarre and stunningly beautiful it is. There is some truly gorgeous camera work going on here, and it’s hard to believe how far consumer-grade videography equipment has come in the last twenty years to be able to capture this level of quality from a drone rather than a helicopter.


Whenever you’re given the option, choose whichever route isn’t boring. That’s exactly what these absolute legends have done with this video, and I cannot commend them enough for that choice. This could have been another 12-minute watch-and-forget car video, but they took things to the next level and delivered an eye party that I’ll return to watch over and over again for years to come. I’m bookmarking this one for whenever I have a bad day.