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Frankfurt Auto Show: BMW X6, ActiveHybrid Concepts

Illustration for article titled Frankfurt Auto Show: BMW X6, ActiveHybrid Concepts

BMW rolled out its first hybrid-drive vehicle this morning at the Frankfurt auto show. Under the banner of its Efficient Dynamics technologies, the company showed off an X6 crossover with a hybrid-drive system. That's the same system the company developed with strange bedfellows DaimlerChrysler and General Motors. Execs say the system will result in an overall 20 percent improvement in fuel efficiency, roughly that of GM's and Mercedes-Benz's projections for their similarly truckish, two-mode hybrids. The company's chairman of the borard Dr. Norbert Reithofer says it'll be on the barket by the end of 2009. BMW also rolled out its non-hybrid X6, for a brief showcase amid a flurry of Bavarian hyperbole. We're still trying to figure out what it all means.


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Ahh...the AMC Eagle a BMW???

What's next, (scoffs) a Porsche sedan?