Fox Business Can't Find Ford On Twitter Either!

Fox Business just had Ford's Scott Monty on, and Liz Claman showed us exactly the problem we warned about Friday. You can't find Ford on Twitter. Monty, predictably, told her how to find Ford.


The self-promotional Scott Monty showed Claman she could find Ford by way of... himself! Who knew ScottMoCo was the new FoMoCo?

Now Monty just needs to explain to everyone who ever has been or ever will be interested in Ford Motor Company that they can find Ford on Twitter by way of a search for "Scott Monty." And I'm sure he'll relish every moment of it.


We hope Ford will soon learn on their own to fish the social media waters rather than have over-paid "gurus" like Monty divining the "secrets" for them.

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Twitter, Jalopnik, and Fox Business. Remind me why in the hell do I care about this? It's not like any of the above is really accomplishing anything except use up electricity. Do they provide a valuable service? No. Do they actually add anything close to tangible value to the US economy? No. Do they actually help make the internet experience more enjoyable? No.

Unfortunately, Ford has been fed a line of bulls***t saying that these internet social gatherings will help them sell more vehicles. While the internet car listings, and shopping services have successfully cut profit margins, there really is next to no studies available that support the theory that utilizing these sites actually help drive sales.

Wow, I just re-read this rant, and I just may be banned from Jalopnik for this particular comment. If so, see ya.