Fourth Gear: Toyota Marks 25 Million Sold

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Fourth Gear: Toyota Marks 25 Million Sold

Toyota built its 25 millionth car in North America yesterday, and it just happened to be a 2013 Avalon, which has been restyled this year. The 25 million cars include those built in the past 26 years, all across Toyota's North American network, from Canada down to Baja California. It includes vehicles built at NUMMI, its now-defunct joint venture with General Motors, and at the Subaru plant in Indiana (Toyota holds a stake in Subaru's parent company).

Of course, the 25 million doesn't begin to compare with the number of vehicles built by GM, Ford and Chrysler at their American plants, and Toyota opened its factories later than Honda and Nissan. But it does put lie to critics' contention that Toyota only came to the U.S. under political pressure and planned to leave once the coast was clear. It's also a whole lot of cars.


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