Four Minutes of BMW E30 Love

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I love the BMW E30. If you read this site, you probably love it too. Here’s a great little homebrew video of one, in a genre which used to be called “road test” before Top Gear came along.

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Ah, the E30. This car is such a part of my life, I cannot imagine a world with out them. My first was a ratted out 1984 318i, that I owned in high school. I bought it for about $2000 and managed to wreck it twice.

The second one was some years later. I owned a 1988 320i in Germany.

Upon getting home, with some Army cash in the 'ol pocket, I bought an 88 M3, that was in need of a little TLC. (I later restored it with my Iraq money, and still own it to this day.)

Fourth was an 89 325i that I co-owned with my friend. It was our auto-cross beater and hoon mobile.

Currently, I own yet another 1986 325i. I got it in Germany (again) where it is serving as my daily driver, winter car and soon to be Ring Rat (that is, it will be when I get back from Iraq. FML.)